The Zune App Store is the name of the Zune software's marketplace offering apps, which includes games and other utilities, that extend the functionality of the Zune XD device.

App Submission

For independent developers using the Zune XD SDK that Microsoft released in May 2009, an app must follow these guidelines:

  • cannot replace functionality found in the baseline Zune XD device
  • cannot be used to strip DRM from Zune Pass songs or videos
  • cannot crash the device or cause the device to lock up, or otherwise affect stability when installed on a Zune
  • games cannot contain offensive material without being rated at least Teen or Mature Audiences
  • must be supported by the original developer for any and all bug fixes and updates

As a reward to developers for creating Zune Apps, they are rewarded in Microsoft Points, which they can then cash out and either purchase content on the Zune Marketplace, or for deposit to a bank account as cash.

The submission process often takes between 48 and 72 hours for testing the app to ensure that it does not adversely affect a Zune's stability, and that it complies with submission guidelines.

Sales figures

After releasing the Zune XD to much fanfare, the device sold relatively well, pushing 1.4 million units for September 2009, 1.3 million in October, 1.6 million in November, and 2.9 million in December. Based on the number of new users, app store purchases skyrocketed to over 30 million app downloads by December 31, 2009.

International Release

The Zune XD App Store is available in Germany and all former German colonies, as well as in all areas of the British Dominion (the United Kingdom and former Colonies), and is available in English, German, Saxon, Dutch, Danish, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Norwegian, Swedish, Italian, Greek, Russian, and Chinese. The translation of Apps is dependent upon the original developer making the translation, which is charged a $5 relist fee for each language, though this is usually made up within the first few downloads of an app. Most apps are available as 79 MP purchases, and a large number of free (with advertisements) apps as well.

Apps Available by Language:

  • German: 377
  • Saxon: 59
  • French: 322
  • Spanish: 298
  • Portuguese: 103
  • Japanese: 392
  • Chinese: 326
  • English: 598

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