Zulu Republic
Timeline: L'Uniona Homanus

OTL equivalent: Central Africa
Zaire Republic Flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Africa with siddharthists
Location of The Zulu Republic after the establishment of the Siddharthist Republic in South Africa
Capital and Largest City Zulu City (Kisangani)
Language Nigerian, Igbo, Meta, Efiki, Bambara, Zairi, Gwarian, Pahuin, Yoruban
  others Several Tribal Beliefs
Ethnic Groups
  others Zaire, Bambara, Efik, Gwari, Igbo, Meta, Niger, Pahuin, Songhai, Tiv, Yoruba
Government Republic
  legislature Council of Chiefs
Consul Adegoke, Chief of the Zulu
Established 1070 (317 AD)

History of the Zulu Republic

The Zulu Republic was born after many Nigerian groups migrated into the vast lands which were controlled by the strong Zulu tribe in central Africa on the Upper parts of the Zaire river and its tributaries. These groups brought many new weapons and tactics into the ancient chiefdom of the Zulu and quickly conquered it. However, rather than run their country together, the several Nigerian immigrant tribes began to fight amongs themselves. It was at this same time that the Zulu began to steal the weapons which the Nigerians brought. The conclusion of the battle which insued among all these different groups established the Zulu Republic in what became the capital city.

The Government of The Zulu Republic

The Zulu Republic was established by a meeting of the several chiefs and they agreed to partition the lands into several chiefdoms and agree to protect each other and govern each other. Due to the tributaries of the Zaire river being vast and expansive throughout central Africa there was fertile land and the original eleven groups accepted this arrangement. These groups were the: Zulu, Bambara, Efik, Igbo, Gwari, Meta, Niger, Pahuin, Songhai, Tiv, and Yoruba. The Chief of each of these tribes established a Chiefdom and each of these chiefs was allowed a place on the Council of Chiefs which would govern their Republic, the Zulu would be the leader of Consul of the Council of Chiefs. This Council was made up of eleven men. The name Zulu in Zulu Republic comes from the fact that the country came out of the Zulu's ancient empire. The word republic came from the Nigerians connection to the Roman Empire which was known to be a famous Republic.

A List of Consuls of The Zulu Republic

Consul Adegoke 1070- (317 AD)

Chiefdoms of the Zulu Republic

  • The Chiefdom of the Lower Zaire
  • The Chiefdom of Bambara
  • The Chiefdom of Efik
  • The Chiefdom of Gwari
  • The Chiefdom of Igbo
  • The Cheifdom of Meta
  • The Chiefdom of Niger
  • The Chiefdom of Pahuin
  • The Chiefdom of Songhai
  • The Chiefdom of Tiv
  • The Chiefdom of Yoruba
  • The Chiefdom of Zulu
  • The Dominion of Zaire


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