The Zulu Empire is a monarchy in South Africa.


The Zulu tribes where once close allies of the British Empire. The technology they managed to acquire from this arrangement allowed them to establish a modern society. The Zulu Empire existed relatively peacefully until the founding of the African Confederation. The Empire commonly got into border disputes and openly attacked any African ship that came within its claimed air space. The African Confederation eventually declared war on the Empire and managed to defeat it within two years of war, albeit with heavy losses. The Zulu Empire surrendered and was demilitarized, but still continues to exist to this day. When the African Confederation entered the Great War, the Zulu Empire openly declared for the Federated States of America and attacked the Confederation with a army they had been secretly building for years. However, the Confederates managed to defeat the Zulu advance within a period of six months and in a retaliatory strike destroyed Shaka City, the center of most power and medical systems. The entire nation was impacted and descended into poverty.

Military Tactics

Zulu ground troops are extremely skilled, usually deployed with less armor but well trained in camouflage and hand to hand combat. Zulu troops where highly disciplined, and would fight to the death before capture. In the air, Zulu ships tended to be small and equipped with multiple gun emplacements. An interesting Zulu tactic involved bladed or explosive rams. These tactics worked well when they managed to goad the Confederate navy into attacking at close range, but faltered when the Confederates engaged in long-range rocket combat followed by an airship bombardment of the Zulu ground emplacements.

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