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Zu Kuwang (1402-1468) was a Chinese sailor who was the first person from the Asian continent to discover the New World. He was a favorite of the emperor at the time, Tsai. He was a sailor and a trader, often making voyages to Persia, India, and sometimes Italy. In 1455, he traveled east in hopes of finding an easier way to get to Italy and the Balkans. Instead, he landed on the coast of OTL Peru.

He stayed in South America with his crew for a few weeks, taking notes on the people there who, from his experience, aren't like any groups he had stumbled upon. He thought he was either in an unknown land or a remote island which he had never traveled to. He traveled back to China and showed his notes to the emperor, who was interested. He sent more sailors there, in hopes of establishing trade with the previous unknown people.

In 1463, he met the Sapa Inca, Pachacuti. In 1464, he migrated to South America with his family and various other sailors and their families. He established a port town on the coast, helping trade between his homeland and the Incas. He resided there until his death in 1468.

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