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On September 30, 1938, Neville Chamberlain, Édouard Daladier, Adolf Hitler, and Benito Mussolini signed the Munich Agreement, which allowed the Germans to take control of Czechoslovakia. This caused Hitler's "peaceful" takeover of Czechoslovakia, and the Second World War started over Poland in 1939. However, in this ATL, Neville Chamberlain stands up to Hitler, and denies his "requests" to annex Czechoslovakia. This results in the war starting over Czechoslovakia in 1938, instead of Poland in 1939. Welcome to the world of the Zossen Conspiracy.

Points of Divergence

Major PoDs

  • Wilhelm Solf, without whom German-Japanese relations would never have recovered after World War I, dies in 1919 due to a stroke.
    • Due to this, Japan never recovers its relations with Germany, and never joins the Axis. In fact, over the next few years, relations worsen between the two states almost to the point of war.
  • In 1932, Hans Oster, an officer of the German Army got into an affair with a married woman. Due to this, he was forced to resign from service. He later rejoined the army, and rose to the rank of brigadier general, although he was never on the General Staff. After the Röhm-Putsch, or Night of Long Knives, Hans Oster joined an anti-Nazi group. Right before the Munich Conference in 1938, he used his position as Chief of Staff of the Abwehr to get classified information regarding stocks of weapons, food, ammunition, fuel, and others. The group then sent an emissary to the British to try to convince them to stand up to Hitler. They gave the British government the documents, which they then gave to Neville Chamberlain. His top generals told Chamberlain that Germany was not ready for a prolonged war in Czechoslovakia. This led to Chamberlain standing up to Hitler, and Hitler launching Fall Grün. Therefore, World War II starts in 1938 over Czechoslovakia.
    • Due to this, the USSR declares war on Germany much earlier than OTL.

Minor PoDs

  • General Maurice Gamelin is not dismissed in the middle of the German invasion of France, allowing France to put up a stiffer fight against the Germans.

Major Differences from OTL

See main article: Differences from OTL

North America

  • US flag 48 stars United States: The United States is currently in a state of Cold War between the USSR. They maintain a cautious relationship with South Japan, while enemies with North Japan.
  • Flag of Mexico Mexico: Mexico is currently fascist, and in constant clashes with the United States along the border.
  • Flag of Canada Canada: Canada is currently allied with the United States, as well as Britain, and is against the USSR. They maintain cautious relations with Japan, as well with Korea.


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