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The Fires of God Flag of the Zoroastrian League

The flag of the Zoroastrian League

The Fires of God Zoroastrian League

The nations of the Zoroastrian League (in red) as of 2015

The Zoroastrian League is an alliance of seventeen nations united by a shared state religion: Zoroastrianism. Founded in 1953 in an effort to keep the nations of the Middle East and North Africa out of the power-politics of the Cold War, the League originally consisted of Persia, Mesopotamia, Jordan, Syria, Anatolia, Egypt, Tripolitania and Algeria. Between 1953 and 1992, Indonesia (1955), Morocco (1959), Sudan (1961), Cyprus (1968), Malaysia (1969), Brunei (1970), Niger (1973), Chad (1977) and Kazakhstan (1992) joined the League. The seventeen nations closely co-operate in matters of trade and international politics, and the League's rules mandate that all member states must assist each other in times of war. Some political analysts see the Zoroastrian League as a counterpart to NATO, though these two organizations frequently co-operate, most notably during the Persian Civil War.

Member states

The Fires of God Algerian Flag Algeria
The Fires of God Anatolian Coat of ArmsAnatolia
The Fires of God Kazakh flag Kazakhstan
The Fires of God Mesopotamian flag Mesopotamia
Flag of Albania Albania (applicant state)
Maldives (applicant state)
Mauritania (applicant state)
Western Sahara (applicant state)

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