Welcome to the Portal Page for the Zombies 2010 ATL. This is a collaborative TL set in a world where zombies attack on September 13, 2010. It is a "live" timeline - its story continues to unfold NOW, in real time.



Zombies in the United States.

In September of 2010, a deadly and disturbing epidemic of unknown origin quickly swept across the eastern United States, beginning near Washington, D.C. It also began in Europe, sweeping across parts of France and the United Kingdom at an unprecedented speed. The reported symptoms within the first twenty-four hours of being effected by what came to be known as the '2010 Zombie Outbreak' included massive internal pain, skin irritation, chills, high fever, and severe, unbearable headaches. As the epidemic had no known cure, and its airborne status allowed it to spread so quickly, world governments were caught off guard. After 48 hours maximum, an individual affected by the 'Zombie Strain' would be killed by the unstable formula.

However, the victims would not remain dead. Extreme stimulation of the glands and the usually inaccessible parts of the brain still partially functioning upon death would cause deceased victims to rise again after biological death. As blood vessels were beginning to recede from the skin surface (A side effect of the Zombie Strain), the person's 'reanimated' corpse would posses a weakened body structure and a deathly pale appearance. As the person they had once been was now dead, the body, now little more than a reacting piece of matter, would have no reasoning faculties and no longer be really human.

The 'Zombies', named for their resemblance to the horror culture's living dead, are mindless and reduced to an animalistic nature. They are no longer be able to communicate with others, and become incredibly hostile to anything not perceived as another Zombie. The U.S. government warned that the most devastating effects of the virus occur after biological death and that the corpse will be stimulated to the extreme point of getting up and moving again. Zombies prey on the living, trying to attack and consume any and all living creatures they encounter.

Zombie Porphyria Project


WHO prediction chart showing expected spread of Zombie Strain by March 2011.

The Zombie Epidemic was in fact started on December 2, 2004, at a private military development and research corporation facility, Shallingly. Shallingly was a privately funded chain of labs; their American branch specialized in biological warfare. The 2004 studies focused on porphyrias, a group of rare disorders passed down through families, in which an important part of hemoglobin, called heme, is not made properly. A certain strain cell of porphyrias was discovered to have degenerative effects which led to early death before twenty-five years of age. The affected person, however, after being declared clinically dead, would seemingly come back to life as a walking corpse. After such a case was reported in Serbia in early 2004, the subject was captured and shipped to Shallingly for research.

Shallingly discovered the rare porphyria strain was responsible for the mysterious effects, and determined to research the exact condition further. By 2006, Shallingly's scientists were convinced that this was the disorder behind most of the Zombie legends throughout history. They turned the project into a biochemical warfare experiment, mutating the strain from a rare gene disorder to a highly contagious, airborne, organism which could incapacitate an entire nation by dropping twenty canisters of the strain in a gas form over the country's borders. The disease would still ravage the Zombies for the rest of their lives once they were affected, as there was no known cure for such a resistant strain. Shallingly initially planned to sell the experimental weapon to the U.S. Military; the corporation aimed to net billions of dollars by providing the ultimate bio warfare strain. However, in September 2010, in Shallingly's Maryland location, an accident occurred when a airborne transport carrying several canisters of the manufactured and unstable strain in gas canisters crashed soon after it took off. The results would be calamity.

Shallingly's employees were the first to be affected by the spreading cloud of gas. The deadly cloud, carried by westerly wind currents, then moved east. Many people in Washington complained of physical illness. An outbreak occurred of what was assumed to be another common cold. However, in the end, conditions grew grave and all reported cases were fatal. By September 13, the dead were 'rising' from the morgues. Many in Washington attacked everything in sight, inciting chaos in the nation's capital.

Emergency Broadcasting System For Atlanta, Georgia
Zombie Emergency Alert System Warning (EAS)01:29

Zombie Emergency Alert System Warning (EAS)

Early that morning, the gas was already sparking Zombies to appear in other American states, north and south of the 'Zombie Epicenter' in Maryland. By the end of the day, it had reached France, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Unwitting carriers had boarded planes from the U.S. and reached these other locations, only to become gravely ill upon arrival and die. They had then arisen as 'Zombies' shortly afterwards. The gas spread like a wildfire, creating a toxic cloud over the rest of the United States by September 14. It moved like radiation, being carried to Mexico and Canada and causing Zombies to appear in greater and greater numbers there. This caused the Zombie Outbreak to become an exponentially growing crisis; the spreading "Zombie Plague" swamped normal law enforcement organizations and chaos reigned. The response of American authorities to the threat is slower than its rate of growth, which gave the strain critical time to expand beyond possible containment.

Rumored Mutation of Strain

According to some, the Zombie Strain has already experienced at least one mutation from its original form. Recently reported cases have suggested that simply coming into direct contact with an affected zombified individual can result in coming down the strain oneself. This has yet to be tested or proven, but would greatly increase the spread of the zombie Strain over the entire globe.

Factions and Organizations

Emergent Successor States

Nations currently Affected

World News

September 13 10:00 AM- Zombies have taken most of Washington.

September 13 5:00 AM-10 Zombies appear in London, Paris, New York, Washington, Boston, Worcester, Richmond, Dallas, Hot Springs, Las Vegas, Niagara Falls (Canadian), Buffalo, McCaysville, Tallahassee, and Raleigh.

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