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Zombie War 1942

25th November 1942: As the siege of Stalingrad drags on, a comet appears in the sky which covers the night sky in lovely colours of red, green, blue and orange. But, as it passes, people sneeze and cough. Then, after circling the earth, it crashes near the Russian posts at Starlingrad. As sergant Ivan Penkovo got near, he goes into a fit and spasms uncontrollablly on the floor. When his heart stops, he is sent to hospital to be buried. He is the first death of the zombie war.

26th November 1942, London, England: As Constable Higgins wakes up, he sees a shambling man walking towards him. Thinking he's a drunk, he puts on his uniform, gets his gun and trunchon, and goes out to help him. But as he get near a spivv walks in front of the man. The man, all of a sudden, tries and attack him as Constable Higgins, the man stops the attack on the spivv and comes towards him. As he fires a shot at him the man still moves and tries to attack him. Higgins fires another shot straight through the heart. No response. As the man gets closer Higgins throws the trunchon with great speed cracking the man's skull. As he realises what has happened, he runs like hell to the police station. As Higgins explains his story, the Sergeant laughs and asks if he's been drinking. Then, phones start ringing...

26th November, Outskirts of Starlingrad: At Lenin airfield, Sergeant Ivans Penkovo body is getting checked by doctors along with others, as the death is quite werid as all men were healthy and didn't have any medical problems as sergant's friends mourn he rises up to shock everyone in the hospitable tent. The sergeant's friends think it's a miracle until the sergeant takes a chunk out of one of the doctors. Everyone looks in a confused way as others raise and start attacking people as soldiers, doctors, and nurses run out; they leave the wounded to be attacked. As the undead go out into the airfield, they start attacking mechanics, pilots and soldiers on the airfield. As one pilot leaves he is bitten, but manages leave in time. As he flies away, he does not know he has left the Soviet Union to its fate.

26th of November, Offical announcement in Berlin: "Achtung! achtung! if you see a stange figure walking and looking in strange way call the police or Gestapo. Do not approach, for they are dangerous." The police, the Gestapo, and Wermacht quarantine the area and begin killing the undead. Hitler is in the chancellery, listing to broadcasts from SS chiefs in different places saying how the progress is going. Goebbels tries to make the propaganda machine make it look like it was the jews and commmunists fault while Himmler asks about the SS killing the vile beings.

26th of November, Auschwitz: "Another trainload" thought corporal Schimdt as the people came out. As they did, he saw, out of the corner of his eye, a worker. As he got close to him, he saw sergeant Rolf walk out of nowhere, and shout " Jewish scum, get back to work before I shoot." As the worker, got closer sergeant Rolf shoots him. As the worker fell down, Rolf said, "good riddance to bad rubbish." Those were his last words, as the worker rose up and ripped Rolf's insides out. As Schmidt stood there, horrified, a horde of undead workers and guards came out from behind and from the huts. As he shot at them with his machine gun people, workers and SS ran in all directions. As his machine gun ran out of bullets, he was pressed into a hut, drew his pistol and shot at them at point blank range. Nothing happens, and as the horde swarms over him, his last thoughts are wondering why he joined the SS.

26 of November, New York:" Officer Charleston, There a situation at the Cornfield Bar. Come right now." Officer Charleston and Seargent Smithers went to see what happened to the other policemen. "It's most probably the Mafia or the Irish." Smithers said as they drove to Cornfield Bar. As they got closer, they saw people running away, and smoke. "What the Hell;s happening" Charleston said as they nearing the bar. When they got there, well, hell it was because there was mass of undead, policemen, and Irish gangsters putting bullets in them. Charleston floored it, and the car went through zombies, while Smithers fired a shotgun at the things. As it hit the barricade one officer said one most haunting words "we are all dead men."

26th of November, Dublin: "Jesus Christ and Holy Mary, Mother of God!!!" said Private O'Conner as the things came closer, and the barricade was pushed to an extreme, and soldiers pushed them back with bayonets and machine gun fire. Noise was intense as Private O'Conner got a machine gun and fired away like crazy, turning nearby zombies into truly dead corpses as they got close, but it was useless as the zombies got closer. O'Conner charged into them into them with the machine gun clacking away, until the ping of emptiness reached his ears. "Shit!" cried O'Conner; he got a stick of dynamite and lit the fuse with his cigarette. As undead swarmed him he said "God bless Ireland, and die you undead Bastards!" and with one boom, O'Conner became a hero.

26th of November, Hiroshima, Japan:

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