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Zollern Insels
Timeline: Principia Moderni III (Map Game)
OTL equivalent: Bahamas
. 1550 - Present
Zollern Insels.svg
Map of the Zollern Insels.
Other cities St. Constance, Burkhard, Karlstadt, Wilhelmstadt, St. Andreas
Official languages German, Cree, French
Demonym Zollerner
Religion Western Catholic
Government Burgraviate (protectorate of Algonquia)
 -  Burgraf Wilhelm von Hohenfall
 -  Colony founded 1550 
 -  French control/Pskovian control 1658 
 -  Algonquian control 1887 
 -   estimate 80,000 
Currency Algonquian franc

The Zollern Insels are a protectorate of Algonquia located in the Imperial Sea. Originally a Prussian colony, they were conquered by the French and Pskovians in 1658, but reunited by Algonquia in the 1890s, after which Prussian culture enjoyed a resurgence. Granted wide autonomy in 1910, the Insels are ruled by an elected Burgraf, and also send representatives to the Council of Sachems in Algonquia.