The Zion Free State is a political subdivision in the Syrian province of Palestine, which extends from the southern end of the Dead Sea to its western frontier beyond Hebron, and all the way north along the edge of Jerusalem to Netanya on the sea, then north to Tiberias near the Golan Heights, and encompasses the space in between there and Irbid.

The ZFS, also alternately referred to as Zion or Canaan, is a semi-autonomous "free state" within an organized province of the Syrian kingdom, and is designed as an ancestral homeland for Jewish, "Zionist" settlers in Palestine. The free state was formed after three-quarters of a century of fighting in the region, first against Turkey and later against independent Syria, for autonomy for the burgeoning Jewish population. The free state was formed as a part of a power-sharing agreement reached by Syria's King Ahmad I and the Coalition of Israel's leadership in 1987 and was instrumental to the League of Nations seizure of Jerusalem in 1988 as per the Jerusalem Accords.

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