300px-Moscow Oblast in Russia svg

Location of the Zheronian Direct Governance Zone in Russia, formerly the Moscow Oblast.

The Zheronian Direct Governance Zone (German: Zheronische Direkte Regierenzone), located in the former Moscow Oblast and City of Moscow, is the area of the Greater German Reich set aside specifically for Zheronian usage. The ZDGZ is exempt from Reich laws, reporting directly to Cvidarrki.

The ZDGZ was founded after the successful completion of Operation Barbarossa, when Zheronian Fleet Admiral Vor'Kloren asked Reichsfuhrer Adolf Hitler for an area to be used as an adminstrative center for the Zheronian Fleet. Hitler gave the former Moscow Oblast and City of Moscow to be used as said center.

Once instated in 1944, the ZDGZ was transformed into a bustling spaceport, with a reanimated Vladimir Lenin as the colonial governor.

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