The Casare of Zere was established by the Dome tribe in 70 AD following the foundation of Zere. The country prospered greatly in the 230s AD when the great military leader Enzo conquered Southeast Asia, Southern China, and India.

Early Period

The Casare of Zere was founded in 70 AD after the Domes exterminated a local population in southern Thailand. But this didn't end the wars with the barbarians. Continuing into the 230s AD, barbarians were a major problem in Zere. Their rampant attacks was the reason that the population and economy didn't expand until the Enzo Wars.

The Enzo Wars and the Golden Age

In 219 AD, the town of An-Dues in Zere was captured and destroyed by Laotian barbarians. This was not uncommon for the Zerese, to have a city destroyed completely. When this happened, a young boy named Enzo emigrated into the city of Zere. He grew up there, and in 229, he became a colonel of the army.

Beginning in 229, Enzo launched an extremely successful invasion of the Laotian barbarians, and later all barbarians in Vietnam and Laos. In 231, he captured Hainan from a group of Chinese barbarians. In 233, he began his famous conquest of India. Enzo was killed in 237 fighting in India, but a year later, all of India was under the control of the casarche in Zere.

Until about 431, the Domes maintained control of these regions. And in this time frame, a golden age was unleashed. The economy and technology of Zere boomed.

The end of the golden age was caused by revolts in India and repopulation of barbarians in Annam and Laos.

Decline and Collapse

From the end of the golden age, the country went into a downward spiral. From about 480 until 628, Annam and Laotian barbarians constantly raided Zere, just like before Enzo.

In 628, the capital Zere fell to a tribe from Annam. Over half of the city's population was killed. All of the surviving Dome tribesmen fled westward through India and into Nepal, abandoning their former home.

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