The Zenagis (Moorish: ⵉⵥⵏⴰⴳⴻⵏ Iẓnagen) were a Moorish dynasty of the Zenaga tribe that established an independent state in western Mauritania, ruling from 791 to 947. The founder of the Zenagi dynasty was Izri I, who is considered the great granchild of Aksel (the last Roman-Moor king), led a rebellion against Haisa I that resulted in the loss of power of the Kingdom of Cordova in the major part of Mauritania and the establishment of an independent kingdom with its capital in Volubilis.

Throughout its existence, the Zenagi state fought against the Moorish kings in the north and the Barghwata Confederacy in the south. Finally, they were conquered by the Kutamis of eastern Mauritania in 947, who destroyed the city of Volubilis and killed Akersim, the last Zenagi king.

List of Zenagi rulers

  • Izri I, 791–828
  • Izri II, 828–836
  • Aksim, 836–848
  • Yonan I, 848–864
  • Yonan II, 864–874
  • Agwilal, 874–883
  • Yonan III, 883–904
  • Yonan IV, 904–925
  • Akersim, 925–947

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