Zarathustran Empire
628 BC - 540 BC 3by2white.svg

Flag of East Persia

Capital West Persepolis
Languages Farsi language
Persian language
Religion Zoroastrianism
Government Monarchy
 •  628-620 BC Zoroaster I (first)
 • 540 BC Xerxes II (last)
Historical Era Era One
 •  Independence from Media 640-630 BC 628 BC
 • Acquisition of Elam and East Persepolis 553-548 BC
 •  Unification with Persia 540 BC 540 BC
Currency Barter

The Zarathustran Empire was a nation in Asia.


The Revolution

In 540 BC,Zoroaster launched a revolution against Media.In 530 BC,a peace treaty was negotiated and the war was won.

Era of Peace

From the end of the Revolution until the Median Collapse,the Emperors of Zarathustra were peaceful.

Median Collapse

In 560 BC,the Emperor Zarathustra III allied with Cyrus the Great.In 548 BC,a peace treaty was signed and Elam and East Persepolis were annexed.


In 540 BC,Zarathustra and Cyrus died.With this,Xerxes II ascended the throne.He was incompetent however and Darius,the Persian Ruler,overthrew him with popular support ending the Zarathustran Empire.


The Zarathustran Empire was an absolute monarchy.

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