Zane Nadast
Timeline: Great Empires

Zane Nadast
Portrait of Zane Nadast

First President of the United Republic of Planets
10,100 BBC – 10,040 BBC

Successor: Tren Nadast

Eternal Mentor of the People
10,040 BBC – present

Successor: Amendment in the constitution
Born: 10,130 BBC
Died: 9,130 BBC
Presidential Palace, Centurion
Home world: Nadast
Spouse: Unknown
Family: Nadast family
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Issue: Tren Nadast
Sana Nadast
Religion: The Force
 Zane Nadast was a Nadasti Sendi Master and the founder of the United Republic of Planets, he is considered the First President of the nation.

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