Flag of Zambezia (Vegetarian World)
Official language Zambezian
Capital Awado/Awadouw
Largest Cities Awadouw
Population 2,691,000
HDI 0.719
Nation formed
Currency Zambezia Metical (ZBM)
Our Timeline Equivalent Mozambique, eastern Zimbabwe

The nation of Zambezia is in southern Africa. To the south is Boer Free State, to the north is Tanganyika, to the west is Zambia, and to the east is the Indian Ocean. The vast majority of the population are either hunter-gatherers or subsistence herders or farmers. Except for some areas near the borders, some Bantu enclaves, and the coast, nearly the entire country is composed of Khoisan ethnic groups. Zambezia has the greatest number of Khoisan people of any country, though Namibia has the highest percentage of Khoisan people, at 92%.



93% Non-Vegetarian
07% Vegetarian

Ethnic Groups

Khoisan groups make up the vast majority of the population, and most of them live in rural areas, either farming, herding, or hunting and gathering. Bantu groups make up most of the rest, with a scattering of Malagasy people, as well as some Europeans in the south, near the border with Boer Free State.

89% Khoisan
09% Bantu groups
02% others (Europeans, Malagasy, etc)


91% Khoisan languages
35% Zambezian
56% other Khoisan languages
08% Bantu languages (mostly "P" and "S" varieties)
01% others (Malagasy, Afrikaans, etc)


This is a rough estimate. Most hunter-gatherers and Khoikhoi herders have their indigenous beliefs.

85% Indigenous beliefs
10% Non-religious
03% Christian
01% Cathar
01% others

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