Homeplanet Zakhara
Sentience Sentient
Language Zakhanra language
Mass 100 kilograms
Height 2 meters
Skin color Yellow
Hair color Black, blonde, brown
Distinctions Horns, muscular build, two hearts, tattoos
Lifespan 80 years (average)
Famous members Tsechan Kalude
 The Zakhanra are a sentient species native to the planet of Zakhara .

Biology and Appearance

Like most other sentient species in the galaxy the Zakhanra have a torso, two legs, two arms and one head. Their heads have two eyes, one nose for breathing and smelling, and a mouth for eating and communicating. They also have two hearts, this results in that they can withstand immense amounts of pain. They grow horns on their head, which develop during puberty. Many of them also have tattoos, a trait reserved for the warriors, the upper and middle-class and the Imperial Family. They males are generally much taller than normal humans, they grow to an avarage of 2,00-2,10 meter. The females are also taller than humans, albeit to a lesser extent, they grow to an avarage of 1,70-1,80 meter. Both males and females have a more muscular build than normal humans.

Society and Culture

The Zakhanra are a warlike secies, however they will only go to war when diplomacy failed. The Zakhanra are a fair and independent race and will fight when needed. The virtues honor, courage and fairness are the most important and is a requirement for all Zakhanra warriors, ironically enough they share these traits with their long-time-enemies, the Krash-vaka. Despite their warrior culture, they have an artistic side, they are famous for their many huge and grand buildings.The Zakhranra are ruled by their supreme and almighty emperor, who they strongly worship. Their society is divided in castes with the Imperial Family, nobles and warriors at the top and slaves at the bottom. Both males and females must spend a year of their adolescence at the military academy to learn martial arts and fight. Males and females also have equal rights

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