Republic of Zaire
République du Zaïre
Timeline: Quebec Independence
Flag of Zaire Coat of arms of Congo-Léopoldville (1960-1963)
Flag Coat of Arms
QI Zaire
Location of Republic of Zaire
Anthem "La Zaïroise"
(and largest city)
Language French
Religion Christianity
Government Dictatorship
President Nzanga Mobutu
Independence from Belgium
  declared June 30, 1960
Currency Zaire

The Republic of Zaire is a nation in Central Africa. After receiving independence from Belgium in 1960, the young nation was plagued by rebellions and infighting. Eventually, Mobutu Sese Seko took control, establishing a right wing single party dictatorship. Seko was funded by the United States in order to prevent Unitarians from taking control in the area. Despite peace and stability, corruption became widespread and a cult of personality was established around Seko. As Seko's health began to fail in the 1990s, Zaire began to break down, with rebels from other nations using Zaire as a base. In 1998, Tanganyika invaded Zaire to wipe out the rebels and take control over Zaire's mineral mines following Seko's death. New President Nzanga Mobutu rallied the nation and fought back, but the conflict eventually spread to neighboring Central Africa. With the end of the Cold War in 2003, the UN managed to host peace talks and bring an end to the destructive war. Today, with the United States withdrawing funding, the government is in a difficult spot, facing several rebellions.

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