Portrait of Zacharie
Born 1563
Cahokia, Mississippian Confederation
Died 1583
Cahokia, Mississippian Confederation
Style His Chiefly Majesty, Great Chief Zacharie of the House of Antinanco
Title Great Chief of Mississippia
Term 1578-1583
Predecessor Christophe the Christian
Successor None
Religion French Catholic

Zacharie of Mississippia was the eighth Great Chief of Mississippia. While often having been called "mediocre" or "lackluster" by various sources, his ability to surround himself with the wisest of advisers - French, Roman, and native - allowed him to maintain effective rule over the Mississippian Confederation until his untimely death to disease in 1583 threw the Confederation into disarray, signalling its end.

Early Life

Zacharie was born to Christophe the Christian and his wife in 1563. He was raised in splendor, and the emphasis on hunting was not as present as it had been with all of the other Great Chiefs before him. It would later be said about Zacharie that it was his inability to hunt sufficiently that allowed him to succumb to disease.


The initial reign of Zacharie was quite busy, as his cadre of advisers and councillors all had been developing ideas for many years leading up to his ascension. Zacharie's early reign also saw the death of Jean-Frances Desjardin in 1580, thereby increasing the power of his advisers even more.

The first major reform came with the establishment of two new confederate states: Erie and Natchez, which came from Cahokia and Moundville, respectively.

Then, three major infrastructural projects were supposed  to be completed in close proximity to each other - the completion of the University of Cahokia in 1584, the Allegheny-Genesee Canal in 1585, and the Kankakee-Gichigami Canal in 1588, but the Catastrophe of 1583 disruped the completion of these and ended up in the end of the Mississippian Confederation.


The legacy of Zacharie is one of the worst in the history of Mississippia. While the period in which he reigned was quite effective due to the organized meritocratic system that began to develop, his death to disease ended up collapsing the entire Mississippian Confederation.