The flag of Zabnatru

The flag of Zabnatru

Unlike many, the flag of Zabnatru doesn't have a circle in its center. That probably is because Zabnatru isn't a 'glorious rebel nations that will fight to liberate the world from the grasp of evil', but instead, is more wary, distrusting, and isolationistic, maintaining military on its borders and making sure none enters or leaves Zabnatru without the government knowing it. The strange markings on the flag are from an ancient religion which has developed only in Zabnatru, called Zhaitong. Zabnatru didn't have a flag before most of its population believed in the great Zhai, and thus only had a flag after many other nations already had a flag. No one really knows what all these markings mean, and its quite likely that they only are on the flag because they look magical, old, and mystic, but they have become symbols of Zhaitong.

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