ZXM was unveiled as a program for the Italian War by the Kingdom of Italy. It was one of two strategies designed to help Italy win the war. However, it was met with extreme controversy less than days after it came out, ultimately leading to Italy's allies abandoning it and several embargoes placed on the kingdom.

ZXM consisted of ten zombies and ten Italian soldiers driving up to an enemy camp. The zombies are released into the camp, infecting those inside. The soldiers then storm the camp, taking out the original and new zombies.

The program is currently suspended indefinitely. The government of Italy denies ever having approved it, but the damage is done. There is an international embargo led by Russia as a direct result of it. Known as the 'Embargo of Jupiter', its goal is to get Italy to back down from the war.


The original announcement by Italy in the spring of 1989 said:

"Two new military programs go into effect. The first is called ZXM. ZXM is where the military takes a car with ten men and ten Zombies inside it. They take it to a camp. They deploy all the Zombies onto the men, and watch them all get contaminated. They kill all the Zombies and take ten for the next camp. The second one is Operation Hurricane. Operation Hurricane is where under the cover of man-made fog specially designed ships attack coastal cities. These two plans have made considerable gains."

There was confusion over the use of the word 'men' multiple times. It was used to describe both the Italian soldiers and the enemy. This led to some nations (in particular Texas) to conclude that this was being used on prisoners of war.

It was also stated that both programs had made 'considerable gains', suggesting that they were already in use. This would discredit the 'never approved' approach the Italian government would try to make later.


The Italian War started after a series of terrorist attacks allegedly conducted by Venice and Lombardy. The most devastating was the complete destruction of St. Peter's Basilica and Vatican City. However, evidence surfaced suggesting that Italy had caused the attacks themselves. This was firmly denied by the government, but as months went on, more and more proof came to light. The assassination of Giovanni Spadolini and other high-ranking officials was believed to be an attempt to cover up the conspiracy.

After the war started, it went horribly for Italy. Texas and Scandinavia gave troops to aid them, but their armies were pinned down at Ferrara. Eventually, Italy lost the stalemate, losing land. This wasn't helped by the Italian Navy getting decimated in the Adriatic Sea. Desperate, the Kingdom of Italy announced the release of two new defense programs: Operation Hurricane and ZXM.


Immediate Aftermath

After it was publicly announced, it was met with immediate backlash. Russia was the first to respond, calling the program a crime against humanity. Texas, Susquehanna, Wu, and Chan Santa Cruz also replied, each telling - or demanding - Italy to stop. Because of poor wording, much of the program was misunderstood. It became so bad that the Kingdom of Italy suspended the program immediately.

United League of Nations

There were two ULN Resolutions dealing with Italy soon after ZXM was revealed. The first, Resolution 005, condemned Italy and put economic sanctions on the country. The first part was passed 4-0 with one abstaining, while the second was passed 3-2.

There was another resolution, numbered 006, that proposed expelling Italy from the ULN and amending the Geneva Conventions to ban zombie warfare. The resolution is still at vote, with the first part at 3-2 and the second a unanimous 5-0. An amended version temporarily suspending Italy may be more successful, though.

By Nation

Chan Santa Cruz

Chan Santa Cruz was very clear on their position when they said, " How could you? This is not a good first impression. Humans. We are human. We will not forget. We will not forgive. You have been Judged. Akhushtal has birthed Bolon Yookte' K'uh. Venus is rising. Your fate is sealed."

They later stated that they shall make only hostile motions towards Italy until the government is overthrown.


Russia, as the first nation to respond to the announcement, has been very outspoken in its opposition. It called the program a crime against humanity and placed an embargo on Italy. They stopped providing oil, which in projected to run out by 1991. The embargo gained the support of the ULN and evolved into the Embargo of Jupiter, growing to include any nation that supports Italy as well.

Russia is also planning Operation Nero, a multinational last resort invasion of Italy to stop the war once and for all.


The uproar over the program effectively ended the Pact of Diamond. Scandinavia stopped their support in the Italian War, which they had since before the beginning.


The Republic of Susquehanna joined Russia and Texas by condemning Italy for their actions. However, Susquehanna has been too busy fighting its civil war to really do anything.


Texas was the second nation to respond and it was quite upset. A mass withdrawal of Texan troops began. Support for Italy plummeted alongside proof that they were behind the attacks that started all of this. Texas has joined the Embargo of Jupiter and is part of Operation Nero.

United States


Wu asked the Kingdom of Italy to halt the program, but continued shipping artillery and had no significant relationship drop.

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