Zacarias Ignacio Molyneux

President of Antarctica
November 16, 2003 - Present

Predecessor Ottoline Lopez
Born November 25, 1945
Davis, Western Spain and Portugal
Political Party Socialist

Zacarias Ignacio Molyneux (born November 25, 1945) is the President of Antarctica, from November 16, 2003. A Socialist, Molyneux was previously governor of the province of Davis.

Molyneux was little-known internationally and even domestically before his election, which he won by default with only 22 percent of the vote in the first round when former President Ottoline Lopez withdrew from the race.

Soon after taking office in November 2003, Molyneux surprised the world by standing down powerful military and police officials. Stressing the need to increase accountability and transparency in government, Molyneux overturned amnesty laws for military officers accused of torture and assassinations during the 1993-2005 "dirty war" under military rule.

His grandfather is Aarón Michel Molyneux, former Head of Government of Eastern Spain.

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