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The human race may soon fall prey to the undead and it is up to humanity as a whole to work together to stop it.

Prologue- Strange reports from Thailand say that some people just won't stay dead. It started in the norther part of the country and may soon move else ward.

Things to note:

Any nation you pick will have the same military statistics and Economy as modern day.

Stopping these Zombies will require a lot of maintenance for the defense.

Everything requires maintenance

Countries we need:







we only need three of those nations

You can use any nation of course though after we get three


10 Km of barricades = $200,000 Per turn

1,000 soldiers = $3,000,000

moving 1,000 soldiers = $10,000,000

10 tanks = $20,000,000

10 planes = $100,000,000

10 km of Mega Barricades = $10,000,000 per turn

Setting up barricades = $1,000,000

Patrolling Barricades = $1,000,000 Each time

Long range missiles = $50,000,000

Upgrading 1000 troops = $5,000,000 Each time

Troops: four troops are needed for every one Zombie

every time you upgrade it takes away 0.1 troops needed

you can have up to $10,000,000,000,000 in debt

one turn every day and each turn the Zombies spread a bit further

Map below: (Had to use that link because it wouldn't work otherwise)


Usa: User_talk:Nlenhardt

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