Юрий I из России
Yuri I of Russia
Tsar of All Slavs
Tsar of Russia
King of The Ukraine, of Perm, of Lituania, of Poland

Timeline: Celestial Ascendance

Yuri I of Russia
Portrait of Yuri I

Tsar of All Slavs
Tsar of Russia
King of The Ukraine
King of Perm
King of Lithuania
King of Poland

1451 – 1482

Predecessor: Anastasia I
Successor: Sophia I
Born: 1433
Died: 1482 (aged 49)
Full name: Yuri Anastasyevich Alexandrov
(Юрий Анастасьевич Александров)
Issue: Sophia
Religion: Slavism
Yuri I of Russia, nicknamed "the Hammer" was the second Tsar of All Slavs and ruler of Slavia. He succeed his grandmother Anastasia and upon his death was succeeded by his favorite daughter, Sophia.

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