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Governorate of Yukon
Юконская губерния
Governorate of the Alaska
Timeline: Russian America

OTL equivalent: PortionsKlondike gold rush-sled team of Eastern Alaska, Northern British Columbia, and Western Yukon.
Flag of Yukon (Russian America)
Flag of the Yukon
Location of Yukon (Russian America)
Location of the Yukon

Больше чем жизнь (Russian)
("Larger than life")

Capital Davydovsk
Largest city Beloloshadsk
Other cities Delta Junction, Faro
  others English, Ukrainian
Religion Eastern Orthodoxy
Demonym Yukonian
Governor Foma Paslosky (E)
Area 461,519 km² (2nd)
Population 1,005,141 (12th)
Admission 1947
Time zone (UTC-9)
  summer (UTC-8)
Abbreviations YK, AK-YK

The Governorate of Yukon (Russian: Юконская губерния, Yukonskaya guberniya), commonly known as the Yukon (Юкон), is a governorate of the Alaskan Democratic Federative Republic. Located in the northeastern part of the country, the Yukon borders the Far North to the north; New Irkutsk to the west; Kenai, Sitka, and Yakutat to the south, and an international border with Borealia to the east. The Yukon is the second largest governorate in area (after the Far North) and along with Idaho it is completely landlocked. Named after the Yukon River, the governorate includes about half of the territory which feeds the river.

For centuries, the Yukon was populated by the many Athabaskan-speaking peoples. Despite being contact with Europeans since the early 19th century, the region remained untouched until the later part of the century (as most activities on the Yukon River were more centered near the river's mouth). In the 1880s the "Transcolumbian Railroad" passed through what would later become the southernmost part of the governorate. While railway hubs were founded to support the area, it wouldn't be until the discovery of gold in the late 1890s that the region would see a population growth. What is now northern Alaska was organized into the Yukon Oblast in 1896, only to be divided between east and west a few years later.

Klondike gold rush-sled team

Dog sledding in the Klondike.

With the collapse of the Russian Empire and the short-lived Alaskan Republic, the East Yukonian residence attempted to form an independent nation around the Yukon River. The Yukon Republic wasn't well received due to its largely unconnected area and the rise of communism in the west. The area of the East Yukon Oblast (modern day Yukon) was able to fight off the communist forces, and remained further connected with the Democratic Republic of New Russia. The Inuit areas along the Arctic Ocean that were initially given to East Yukon were soon conquered by the Alaskan Socialist Republic (causing the modern day governorate to be landlocked). The remaining parts of the territory remained outside either the ASR and the DRNR (only because of regionalism loyalties and isolated communities).

The Yukon would remain in a sovereign limbo until 1938 when the newly formed Alaskan Democratic Federative Republic formally annexed the territory. It wouldn't be until a decade later until the Yukon was formalized into an equal governorate of Alaska. Since the 1950s, the Yukon has emerged as a mining center of Alaska with lead, zinc, silver, gold, asbestos, and copper mines operating in the governorate. Due to which, the governorate has witnessed a second population boom, reaching over a million residence by 2007. Because much of the population is located in urban area, the governorate has taken an initiative to preserve territory and wildlife, which has also sparked a tourism industry to observe untouched wilderness.

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