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Socialist Kingdom of Yugoslavia
Socijalistička Kraljevine Jugoslavije
Timeline: Yellowstone: 1936

OTL equivalent: Serbia, BiH, Croatia, Slovenia, FYROM
No flag Ssu coa
Flag Coat of Arms

Један Братство, Jедна нација
Jedan Bratstvo , Jedna Nacija (Yugoslavian)
("One Brotherhood, One Nation")

Anthem "Hey, Slavs"
Capital Belgrade
Largest city Belgrade
Other cities Zagreb, Skopje, Sarajevo
  others Macedonian
Roman Catholicism
  others Eastern Orthodoxy, Islam (minor)
Ethnic Group Slavic
Demonym Yugoslav
Government Single-Party Dictatorial Totalitarian State with a Constitutional Monarchy
  legislature Federal Assembly
King Alexander II
  Royal house: Karađorđević
President Slobodan Milošević
The Socialist Kingdom of Yugoslavia (Yugoslavian: Socijalistička Kraljevine Jugoslavije) is a nation in southeastern Europe, and is a the major power of the Balkan Peninsula, which also includes the neighboring states of Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, and Hungary. Other neighbors of the Socialist Kingdom include Germany to the north and Italy to the west.







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