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Yugoslavia is a kingdom in the Balkan region of Europe. It is currently
250px-State Flag of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.svg

Flag of Yugoslavia

occupied and annexed by Third Reich, Romania, and Hungary.

Modern Situation


  • Propaganda against socialism and the Soviet Union is ongoing.
  • Socialist parties were outlawed Spring of 1937, and have yet to resume.
  • The King and his parliament are taking an increasing role in the Yugoslav government
  • Italian Fascist advisors have been part of the King's advisory council since Spring of 1935.

Czechslovakian Annexation Crisis

  • Yugoslavia's Pan-Slavism opposes the return of the Sudentenland to Germany.
  • Yugoslavia's distrust of Austria, now a part of Germany, continues.

Growing Tensions with Hungary

  • For the year of 1937, Yugoslavia has been modernizing and training their army.
  • In Summer 1937, Yugoslav troops accidentally crossed the border into Hungary and have been detained.
  • As of Summer 1937, Yugoslavia's army is in a state of readyness.
  • In 1941, after recently gaining independence from Italy; Romania, Hungary, & the Third Reich invade & eventually win. Yugoslavia is divided between them.

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