Democratic Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia
Timeline: Global Pacification: World at War (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Yugoslavia
Flag of SFR Yugoslavia No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Language Serbo-Croatian
Religion Secular
Prime Minister Milan Gorkić
Currency Dinar


May 1939:

We improve our military technology, focusing on motor vehicles such as tanks. We would also like to annex Albania peacefully. We also develop our industry in the coastal areas.

We propose an alliance request to Hungary. We continue to upgrade our military technology. We condemn the Italian occupation of Albania.

We issue an ultimatum to Italy stating that: they may either get out of Albania peacefully or Yugoslavia will take military action. We mobilise to prepare for the possibility of a denial. We continue to back up Poland against Slovakia.

We declare war on Italy. We begin involuntary conscription and mass-produce weapons. Wartime rationing begins. We invite all nations to join the war on our side.

June 1939:

We draw troops away from the Bulgarian front. Amid protests in regions of Yugoslavia, we grant more autonomy to all regions of Yugoslavia. We reiterate that the tensions in Albania began after Italy forcibly annexed Albania, an illegal act in the eyes of Yugoslavia. After many requests to withdraw, Italy did not accept, causing a war. Therefore, we deny Italian propaganda claiming that we started the war. We are prepared to accept peace with Bulgaria. We state that we will not be involved in the wars of the Pacific unless the Comintern is directly attacked.

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