Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
Socijalistička Federativna Republika Jugoslavija[
Timeline: timeline
Flag of SFR Yugoslavia
Flag of Yugoslavia
(and largest city)
Serbian and Croatian
  others Slovene, Macedonian
President Ivan Novak
Prime Minister Mirko Ateljevic
Area 205,804 km²
Population 27,724,919 
Currency Yugoslav dinar

Established after World War I as the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, the monarchy was overthrown by the German invasion, and fled into exile. The independence movement in Yugoslavia saw the rise of Josef Tito who worked to establish a republic both during and following the war. Following the liberation with assistance from the Soviet and Romanian forces, Tito's republic was established and the King in exile was forced to abdicate. Shortly thereafter, a Soviet style government was set up but with a number of differences which caused tension between Tito and Stalin. Never a member of the Warsaw Pact, Yugoslavia maintains cordial, but cool, relations with all of its neighbors, regardless of their political allegiance.

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