Федеративна Република Југославија
Federativna Republika Jugoslavija
Federativne Republike Jugoslavije
Федеративна Република Југославија
Zvezna republika Jugoslavija

Timeline: Alternative 2014

OTL equivalent: Most of former Yugoslavia plus Trieste
Flag of Serbia and Montenegro Emblem of Yugoslavia (Alternative 2014)
Flag Coat of Arms
Yugoslavia (Alternative 2014)
Location of Yugoslavia
(and largest city)
Other cities Podgorica, Skopje, Zagreb, Sarajevo, Pristina, Novi Sad, Ljubljana
Language Serbo-Croatian,
Macedonian, Slovene
Eastern Orthodoxy
  others Sunni Islam
Demonym Yugoslavian, Yugoslav
Government Federal semi-presidential constitutional republic
Established 1 December 1918
Currency Euro
Calling Code +38
Internet TLD .yu
Organizations EU, NATO, CSTO, UN

The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbo-Croatian: Савезна Република Југославија, Savezna Republika Jugoslavija; Slovene: Zvezna republika Jugoslavija; Macedonian: Федеративна Република Југославија, Federativna Republika Jugoslavija), colloquially known as Yugoslavia; is a Southern European nation located in the Balkans. Established in 1992 from the dissolution of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The conflict gradually came to an end by the late 1990s, which also sparked democratic reforms in the FRY. The non-Slavic region of Kosovo became an equal republic by 2008.

Yugoslavia and neighboring Albania are close to each other and remain the most pro-Soviet nations in Eastern Europe (even taking part within the NATO. Despite their pro-Soviet sentiment, all three nations have sought membership within the European Union, becoming member states in 2004, these nations have also sought membership within the European Union).


Between 1943 until 2008, Yugoslavia was made up of six Slavic republics.

Political divisions

Yugoslavia is a federation made up of seven republics.

States Flag Capital Coat of arms
Serbia Flag of Serbia (1992-2004) Belgrade Coat of arms of Serbia (Alternative 2014)
Montenegro Flag of Montenegro (Alternative 2014) PodgoricaCoat of Arms of Montenegro (Alternative 2014)
Macedonia Flag of the Republic of Macedonia 1992-1995 Skjope Coat of arms of the Republic of Macedonia
Croatia Flag of Croatia (Alternative 2014) Zagreb Coat of Arms of of Croatia (Altenative 2014)
Bosnia and Herzegovina Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992-1998) Sarajevo Coat of Arms of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Alternative 2014)
Slovenia Slovene Nation Flag Ljubljana Coat of Arms of Slovenia (Alternative 2014)
Kosovo Flag of Kosovo Pristina Coat of arms of Kosovo


Yugoslavia has a number of large cities.Around 60% of peoples live in urban areas. There are 9 metropolitan areas in Yugoslavia like Belgrade, Zagreb, Skopje, Sarajevo and others.

The 10 largest cities by population are:

1 Belgrade:1.360.469(Metropolitan:1.619.346)

2 Zagreb: 790.288(Metropolitan:1.146.600)

3.Skopje: 506.882(Metropolitan:859.116)



6.Novi Sad:277.389(Metropolitan:378.098)





Yugoslavian Subdivisions

Subdivisional map of Yugoslavia