Yugoslav Wars

31 March 1991


21 June 1995



  • Decisive Yugoslav victory
    • Yugoslavia remains intact as a single state
    • Various nationalist organizations eliminated
Major battles:

Flag of Serbia and MontenegroSerbia and Montenegro
Flag of Macedonia - ethnicMacedonia

After 1991:
Flag of Serbia (1992-2004)Serbia
Flag of MacedoniaMacedonia
Flag of Montenegro (1993-2004)Montenegro

Flag of SloveniaSlovenia
Flag of CroatiaCroatia

After 1991:
Flag of Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina
Flag of Croatia UstasaCroatia
Flag of KosovoKosovo
Flag of AlbaniaAlbania


Flag of Serbia and Montenegro78,000
Flag of Macedonia - ethnicUnknown

Flag of Serbia (1992-2004)254,000
Flag of Macedonia67,000
Flag of Montenegro (1993-2004)29,000

Flag of Slovenia46,000
Flag of Croatia53,000

Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina82,000
Flag of Croatia Ustasa36,000
Flag of Kosovo21,000
Flag of Albania9,000

Casualties and Losses

48,000 killed, 2,000 wounded
Total: 50,000

51,000, 4,000 wounded
Total: 55,000

The Yugoslav Wars were a series of conflicts that occurred in the early nineties which nearly split Yugoslavia apart.


Map of Yugoslavia (1991)

Yugoslavia before the outbreak of the war.

Ten Day War

Ten Day War Map

The Republic of Slovenia (blue) and the rest of Yugoslavia (red).

Croatian War of Independence

Croatian War of Independence Map

The Republic of Croatia (blue) and the rest of Yugoslavia (red).

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