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The Yugoslav Football Championship is the premier football league for the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.


This was the first club competition on a national level for clubs from Kingdom of Yugoslavia (named the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes until 1930). The league started out in 1923 and the first four seasons had a cup tournament format. In 1927, the league went into a league competition with Hajduk Split winning the first league competition. During that season, it was also a qualifer for the Mitropa Cup which lasted until 1992.


Season Format Champions Runners up
1923 Cup tournament
(Single round-robin; 6 clubs)
SAŠK Sarajevo (1) Građanski Zagreb
1924 Cup tournament
(Single round-robin; 7 clubs)
Hajduk Split (1) Jugoslavija Beograd (1)
1925 Cup tournament
(Single round-robin; 7 clubs)
Građanski Zagreb (1) Jugoslavija Beograd
1926 Cup tournament
(Single round-robin; 7 clubs)
Građanski Zagreb (2) Hajduk Split
1927 League
(Single round-robin; 6 clubs)
Hajduk Split (1) HAŠK Zagreb
1928 League
(Single round-robin; 6 clubs)
Građanski Zagreb (3) BSK Belgrade
1929 League
(Single round-robin; 5 clubs)
BSK Belgrade (1) Hajduk Split
1930 League
(Single round-robin; 6 clubs)
Concordia Zagreb (1) Hajduk Split


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