Timeline: America: Unida y Dividida

OTL equivalent: Yucatan peninsula
Flag of the Republic of Yucatan No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital and Largest City Mérida
  others Maya
Religion Catholicism
Government Republic
  legislature Presidnt

Yucatan (Republica de Yucatan) was a nation in the Yuicatan peninsula.


Yucatan was part of Mexico by many yuears. From 1842-1843 there fought the War of Independence. In October 2 1843 they made a peace treaty and were independent. Mexico was not too happy and in 1843 made Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna the president. He led a military force and conquered it. Central America is not too happy and starts the First Yucatan War to free Yucatan (1845). In 1846-48 Central America invaded premptive Yucatan and started the Second Yucatan War. They won and were able to conquer Yucatan.

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