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You look behind you, but nothing is there. You shrug, and carry on with the mission. You and your team set up a bomb in a strategic place, and when it goes, the building will collapse. Any surviving member of the Nazi Elite will be gunned down if they manage to escape.

You rig the bomb, and begin to retreat back outside, spreading your team around the different exists. At 2:00 AM, the bomb explodes, and the roof caves in. Moments later, stunned and panicking people run out. Only a few civilians were in there, and they manage to flee. However, the Nazi leaders aren't so lucky: one by one, they are gunned down as they try to escape.

Within 15 minutes, the Nazi party is no more. You and your team pack up, and head back to Britain. When you arrive, William Stephenson is there to meet you at the docks.

"I have some... news," the Canadian says nonchalantly, handing you a newspaper.

What does it say?

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