1. The Young Eagles Youth Organization (YEYO) is a quazi-autonomous non-governmental organization (quango). The aim of the organization is to support young Siliesian people in their physical, mental and spiritual development, that they may play constructive roles in society.
2. YEYO serves several main functions: 1) to promote Silesian patriotism, Christian humanism, loyalty to the Crown, respect for legitimate federal authorities and federal laws, honor, decency and healthy lifestyle, values of law, order, stability and democracy among young people, 2) to encourage young people to study the history of their state and of the Federation, modern science, technology and general knowledge, organize special lectures and seminars, 3)to provide physical training and organize sports events for young people, 4) to extensively represent and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of young people of all ethnic groups and all walks of life, help them to find education and employment opportunities, 5) to encourage young men to participate in different public projects, work as volunteers in hospitals, prisons, in other facilities 5) to actively develop ties of friendship of Silesian young people with the young people of other federal states
3. YEYO will be divided into three sections: the Eaglets (age 6 – 12) the Boy Guard (age 12-16) and the Patriotic Youth (17 - 23). The membership will be voluntary, but will require prior approvement of the parents or guardians.
4. Worthy YEYO activists will receive special grants from the government, that will help them to continue their education. They will be helped with employment and accommodation, if it is deemed necessary. All young people that have received a special grant and obtained their higher education for free will be obliged to work in public bodies or institutions for three years.
5. His Majesty the King will become the Honorary Chaiman of the YEYO. The Leader of the YEYO will be appointed by the Honorary Chairman. The Leader of the YEYO will appoint section leaders of the organization. The Leader of the YEYO will be helped by a National YEYO Council, elected by the leading members of the YEYO.
6.YEYO may receive 1) funding from the government for performing certain educational functions, 2) funding from HM the King and other private donators, 3) funding from public and other organizations that support its course. YEYO cannot participate in commercial endeavours.

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