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The Yorktown skyline at night.

Yorktown is the largest city in the U.S. state of Erie, the sixth most populous city in the United States, and the seat of Yorktown County. With a population of 2,075,000 and a metropolitan population of just under 3.5 million, it sits at the center of the Yorktown-Aurora-Mississauga Metropolitan Area, ranked fifth in the US (larger than Calixto in Cuba), and a major commercial seaport, with ships from all over the Great Lakes and even the Atlantic from as far away as Europe docking here.

The region was first purchased by the British from the native Mississauga in 1787, and the town of York was established on the shore of Lake Ontario in 1793 by the first Lt. Governor of British Upper Canada, John G. Simcoe. In the course of the War of 1812, in late April 1813, American forces under the command of Brigadier General Zebulon Pike led a successful attack on York and occupied the city for the duration of the war. Following the Treaty of Ghent, and the subsequent transfer of southwestern Upper Canada to the United States, the city was renamed Yorktown and became the capital of the newly-established Lakes' Territory.

Today, Yorktown is one of the cleanest and most modern of US cities, having sponsored the installation of one of the nation's first thorium MSR reactors in the mid-1970s and a small offshore wind farm in Lake Ontario in 1986; city infrastructure is rated as state-of-the art, with a fully modernized monorail system, highways, airports (such as Yorktown International), and countless electric vehicle charging stations. It has an extremely low crime rate compared to most major US cities, but still sees its fair share of activity from time to time, such as the recent attempt by militia mastermind Michael Raines to destroy the AN Tower with explosives; he was apprehended by the FBI after a firefight at the Tower on June 5, 1997, and is currently incarcerated in the Federal Detention Facility at East Barry to the northwest, near Lake Simcoe.



Territorial capital (1815-1843)

Civil War era (1861-1865)

Reconstruction and the late 19th century (1866-1899)

Early 1900s/Gilded Era (1900-1918)

Interwar period (1919-1941)

World War II (1938-1946)

Early post-war era (1947-1950)

Cold War (1947-1990)

Modern times (1990-present)






The world-famous AN Tower is located in Yorktown's central business district, and is the world's tallest freestanding structure. It is a symbol of not just Yorktown itself, but the State of Erie as a whole, and is an enormously popular international destination, on-par with Niagara Falls to the south, attracting millions of tourists every year.






Yorktown's current rail system was constructed and is currently operated by American National Railways, founded in the early post-WWI period, circa 1919, on the heels of the Spanish flu epidemic. The city's first mass-transit system was a series of elevated trains, completed in 1923.

These trains would remain in operation for nearly thirty years, until 1949, when the city-owned system could no longer support the now-outdated service; the entire system was acquired by the Yorktown City Transit Authority (YCT) in August 1949 and fully modernized to post-war standards, with all-new steel cars to replace the pre-war wooden ones in a similar fashion to Chicago's "L" trains two years previous. The same manufacturer - St. Louis Car Company - was, in fact, used for both Chicago and Yorktown's mass transit systems from the late '40s up through the mid-'80s, when YCT constructed the first of its modern maglev monorails, replacing the traditional Lakeshore Boulevard to 9th Street train run. By 1994, the city's entire traditional rail system had been replaced by the current maglev system.

The system is part of a network of railways throughout the state, with connecting trains to East Detroit, Pike City, and the state capital of Madison to the southeast.







The city is home to the Yorktown Tigers, a major league (AFL) football team, that plays out of the Lakedome in the ShoreLine District, while the ABA's Yorktown Superiors and the NAHL's Yorktown Lakers play out of the Skydome in the suburb of Eastbrook.


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