The Yorkshire War refers to the conflict between the Scottish Royal Army and various guerrilla factions in northern England during the English Anarchy, in particular between 1951 and 1953. The Scottish withdrew from England in late 1954 under heavy pressure from the Americans, and were denied an opportunity to advantageously shape the country that emerged post-Anarchy.

The Scottish, who suffered as many as 20,000 killed and 100,000 total casualties over a four-year occupation, were embarrassed by their inability to subdue rural guerrillas in border territory relatively familiar to them and close to home, and suffered constant guerrilla raids in Scotland proper, reaching their zenith in bombings and food raids in Edinburgh in 1952. The failure of the Royal Army in the Yorkshire War, as well as dire economic conditions in Scotland, is attributed to the collapse of the Scottish government and economy in the late 1960's and the ensuing Scottish Civil War.

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