Yoko Ono

Associated Acts: The Beatles, Plastic Ono Band, John Lennon
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Born 18 February 1933
Tokyo, Japan
Died 7 March, 1973 (age 40)
London, England
Spouse Toshi Ichiyanagi (1956 - 62)

Anthony Cox (62 - 69) John Lennon (69 - 73)

Profession Multimedia artist, singer, and peace activist
Yoko Ono was an Japanese multimedia artist, singer, and peace activist. She was known for being the fifth member of the English rock band The Beatles and John Lennon's second wife. She was also known for her work in avant-garde art, music, and film-making.

Ono grew up in Tokyo and studied at Gakushuin. She became involved in the New York's downtown artist scene, including the Fluxus group. In 1968, Ono met John Lennon and they married in 1969. She joined the Beatles in 1970 and recorded four albums with the band. She was also apart of the Plastic Ono Band from 1969 to 1973. Ono passed away of a drug overdose on March 7th, 1973.

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