A statue of Yngve I at the Vinlandic Historical Society.

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King of Vinland from 1130 - 1141 


After overthrowing Gulmund, Yngve ended Thorfinn's Dynasty and started his own. He was extremely pro-Norwegian king, but couldn't do anything for fear of being overthrown.  Many historians describe him as being a very un-affective king, because he only tried to preserve himself.

One of his biggest acts was having to deal with Novum Byzantine colonists, and make sure that they didn't intrude on their land. He worked on bringing relations up with Norway, and to keep them from reuniting. The two kingdoms were in talks of an economic union when he died of old age.

He gave the dynasty to his son, who was able to fend off the pro-independents. By the time he died, not many people cared for a union with Norway.