Yngve II Statue

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.< Predecessor: Yngve I <–– Eighth King of Vinland ––> Successor: Dagvard I >

King of Vinland from 1141 - 1162 (Assisted by Hod Amin until 1144) 


Yngve II's life was quite rambunctious. After his father's death in 1141, he became king at the age of 10. Being slightly pro-Norwegian, he was put down by the fact that they refused to trade with them. He worked on improving trade relations from other northern nations, such as Denmark, Sweden, and Scotland. He changed the ideals of Vinland extremely. They used to be very isolationist and wanted to hide their existence from England and the Byzantines, but are now open to trading.

Yngve II attempted to build up the economy for more trading, and began mining operations under places such as Kysten Byen and Erstad. Over his kingship, he attempted many things to open Vinland up to the world. Most historians describe Yngve II as a hopeful king, but still a good one.