Yiddishland | Republic of Yiddishland | רעפובליק פון אידישעלאַנד | Republik fun Yidishland (Yiddish)

Capital: Bundsburg

Largest city: Bundsburg (941,873)

Official language: Yiddish

Other languages: Russian

Religions: Judaism (51.5%), Orthodox Christianity (1.6%), Others (1.2%), Non-religious (45.7%)

Demonym: Yiddish

Government: Republic | Unitary parliamentary

President: Avram Vinnikovitch

Prime Minister: Yakov Eidelstein

Legislature: National Assembly

Formation (as SSR of Yiddishland): April 7, 1946

Independence (from Soviet Union): November 28, 1991

Area: 15,101 sq km

Population (2014): 1,431,402

Currency: Gelt (YDG)

Internet TLD: .yd

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