Yemeni Rebellion
Night of the Living Alternate History
Date 19 April 1977 - Present
Location Yemen, Arabia
Status Ongoing
Umayyads for Allah Yemeni Rebels Flag of the Mutawakkilite Kingdom of YemenYemen Government

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Battle for Saria'a

Battle for Marwah

Operation Allah's People


The origins for the war came from the ascension of a young radical, As'ad Nejem, to the leadership position of a large, and independent political party in Yemen, known as the Umayyad's. The political party was however, a front for a rebel organization that has existed since the onset of the zombie pandemic. The organization, known as Umayyad's for Allah devoted itself to the destruction of all infected, as they saw this apocalypse as their own great flood, with Allah's devoted ones to be the only to survive.

The revolution, however, is told by the rebels to have began with the announcement that the government of Yemen will be working on a cure for the zombie virus. From that point on it is told that the Umayyad's rose up in rebellion because they could not let the weak be cured, nor the strong immune for it would provide a worst possible future for the Muslim people. In reality, it began from the government taking stricter controls on the citizens lives such as curfews and martial law. The yemeniese people couldn't take such strict controls in such a short amount of time, even those these controls we're designed to protect them. They rose up in rebellion, hundreds of rebel groups scatter across Yemen, that the Umayyad's eventually pulled under their direction and then became the leader of the revolution.



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