Timeline: Principia Moderni (Map Game)
Flag of the Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen
Flag of Yemen
Principia Moderni Map 1715
Located on the Arabian Peninsula, in blue-green colour
(and largest city)
Language Yemeni Arabic
Religion Islam
Government Sultanate
Current sultan
Area 268'000 km²
Established 1705

Yemen is a sovereign state, officially declared their independence in 1705, July 15. It is ruled by a Sultan Pharma Al-Yousif.


Yemen was ruled by the Rasulid dynasty since 1229.

Yemen has declared independence in the summer of 1705. Russia has guaranteed the independence of it first, but the relations between Russian and Yemen are beginning to worsen.

Yemen has recently broken the alliance with Russia and joined the Swedish alliance. They received a gift from Sweden: fresh water and lots of fur cloaks, but left their alliance after they refused to end hostilities with Russia.


Current estimated territory of Yemen is approx. 285'000 km² (285'000'000'000 m²).

Urban Areas

The capital of Yemen is Sana‘a. Other cities include Al Hudaydah, Taizz, Al Ghaydah and others. Many roads have been built to connect all the towns and villages in Yemen, however some of low-class villages are not yet connected. People are encouraged to move to the cities.

Foreign Relations

Yemen is currently allied with France.

Bad relations with Mamluks.

Trade agreement with Hungary, whereby Yemen sends iron and receives 0.5(of the Iron Yemen sends) of steel.

There's also a trade agreement between Yemen and Vietnam.


Yemen has two subdivisions - Gsthat(North-eastern Yemen) and Grathat(South-western Yemen).

Yemen has four subdivisions - Gstad(north-western), Gostot(southern), Bayernsot(northern), Baghstat(north-eastern).


The main religion of Yemen is Islam. Yemen also has some Buddhism, Mon followers in Aden practising it.


Yemen is mainly in a full control of Sultan. There are subdivision ministers, controlling and changing the law, but not directly controlling the Sultan.


Economy of Yemen is not as developed as Russian or Hungarian, but government spends a lot of time and funds for stabilizing the economy. Yemen has a big deposit of coal and iron.


Yemen does not currently own any colonies, but plans are already being made.

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