The Yazidi Empire (Kurdish: ئێـزيدي ﺷـخـوبی Keyeksera Êzîdiyê), also called Kurdish Empire, was a Medieval empire of Yazidi Kurdish origin that ruled the Middle East between the second half of the 12th century and the first half of the 13th. Originally it was as a Kurdish religious revolutionary movement founded by Shex Adi that took advantage of the power vacuum in the Great Seljuk Empire to extending their control over Upper Mesopotamia. Adi is considered by the Yazidi an avatar of Melek Taus, the main divinity in their faith. Despite his premature death (1162), his father-in-law and general, Shirkuh took his title and increased the Yazidi power in Mesopotamia and Syria. In 1169, the Kurds invade Egypt and subsequently expelling the Crusaders to Holy Land (1171). Under Selahedin rule, Ctesiphon was conquered (1174) ending the Great Seljuk Empire and signed a peace treaty with the Khwarazmian Empire to divide the Seljukian territories.

Yazidi Empire at its greatest extent (c.1200)

List of rulers

Keyekser From Until Relationship with predecessors
Adi 1160 1162 avatar of Melek Taus (Yazidi belief)
Sherko 1162 1171 father-in-law of Adi
Soran 1171 1193 nephew of Sherko
Olan 1193 1198 son of Soran
Merxas 1198 1200 son of Olan
Serkar I 1200 1218 brother of Soran
Karzan 1218 1231 son of Serkar
Serkar II 1231 1240 son of Serkar
Serger 1240 1249 descendant of Soran
Tomar 1249 1254 son of Serger
Zargo 1254 1258 descendant of Soran

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