The Foundation of the Kingdom of Yan

All of the Post-Han Kingdoms came after the death of Emperor Wu and the inability of Cao Wei to take the rest of Sinica. Yan had been made of a group of separatists who desired not to return to any one state that existed
Kingdom of Yan

The Kingdom of Yan with the cities of Putian and Xiamen lebeled

before the Han Dynasty but to make a new one. Yan was named after their first King whose given name was Yan. The Kingdom of Yan did not start out with many quality ports or cities and was mostly mountainous. Like the Kingdoms of Han, Chu, and Wei where protection orders started to address the concerns of protection for the wealthy landowners, Yan depended on these private orders. The Military of Yan was made by the reforming grandson of the first King and made Yan one of the most well protected and centralized Kingdoms. Taiwan off the coast of Yan supported many actions of the Kingdom andtreated it with respect and admiration for tryingto improve the life of its people. Though Japanese people were not allowed to immigrate out of Japanese controlled territory they admired the Yanese for the entrepeneurialism and the safety of their mountains made many Japanese keep precious treasures and any accrued wealth that was not safe on a main island in Yan. This provided the money necessary to build the industry in Sinicaas well as to fortify and develop the major port cities of Putian and Xiamen. Yan was envied by some of its larger neighbors and all of its smaller ones.

List of Leaders of Yan

King Daoxiang 635-640 (118-113 BC) 悼襄

King Xian 640-653 (113-100 BC) 獻

KIng Lie 653-660 (100-93 BC) 烈 Great Reformer of Yan

King Jing 660-674 (93-79 BC) 敬 lost power during Sino-Japanese War, killed in attempt to reunite Sinica.

King Cheng 674-686 (79-70 BC) 成

Archduke Cheng 683-686 (70-67 BC) 成

Archduke Su 686-713 (67-40 BC) 肅

Archduke Wuling 713-720 (40-33 BC) 武靈

Archduke Huiwen 720-742 (33-11 BC) 惠文

Archduke Xiaocheng 742-779 (11 BC- 26 AD) 孝成

Archduke Qian 779-808 (26-38AD) 遷

Archduke Youmiu 808-813 (38-41 AD) 幽繆 asasinating by successor.

Archduke Dai 813-822 (41-55 AD) 代

The Second Han Dynasty

The Conquest of Yan by Japan

At the start of the Sino-Japanese War the Japanese took the Kingdom of Yan as it was left without defense with the military escorting King Jing to the Sinican Council in Xi'an. Yan was taken for its excellent ports which were nto defended at the time. Also, the treasury of Yan was kept with the treasuries of other prominent clans and families from Japan. The build up to the Bei-Yan offensive which was planned by the Emperor Fuyutsuki himself also rested on the taking of this small kingdom.

The Nine Duchies of Yan

1. Fuzhou 福州
Nine Yan Duchies

The Nine Duchies of Yan

2. Xiamen 厦门

3. Longyan 龙岩

4. Nanping 南平

5. Ningde 宁德

6. Putian 莆田

7. Quanzhao 泉州

8. Sanming 三明

9. Zhangzhou 漳州


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