Yamato, Kanagawa
Timeline: Satomi Maiden ~ Third Power
Flag of Yamato, Kanagawa 神奈川県大和市市章
Flag Coat of Arms
Yamato in Kanagawa Prefecture (SM 3rd Power)
Location in Dark Green
Country Japan
Province Kanagawa Prefecture
Language Japanese
Religion Shinto, Buddhism
Population 354,955  

Yamato (大和市) is a city located in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

The city was also settled for thousands of years. It was also one of the formal capital of Japan from 1630 to 1693. Later, it decreased in size after capital was moved. Then in 1923 it was re-promoted to city status. Later, in 1955 Zama, Kanagawa had merged with Yamato city, thus increasing it in size.

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