Yalta summit 1945 with Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin

The Yalta Conference. Here, several key decisions relating to Southern France's future were made.

The Yalta Conference was a summit between Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Josef Stalin. It was held between 4-11 February 1945. The summit took place in Yalta, on the Crimean peninsula, and was code named 'Argonaut'. It was the second of three conferences between the leaders of the UK, USA and USSR about the course of the war and the shape of future politics.

Since the previous conference many developments had been made. For a start victory was imminent; all three of the nations had troops in Germany at the time of the conference. However, a key factor that generated some tension was the existence of the communist control of southern France, the embryonic People's Republic of France. It proved to be a pawn for Stalin as he made his demands; he was able to shrug off Churchill's demands for an elected government in Poland simply by promising it in return for Churchill's recognition of communist control in France. Additionally, Stalin would allow the creation of French Zones of Occupation in Germany and Austria provided they were divided equally amongst the republican and communist French.

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