Yahya Nicolaos I the Hark
Timeline: Sino-Roman

President of East Turkey
June 27, 2006 - Present

Predecessor Taliba Amirah Rahman
Born June 27, 1948
Kayseri, East Turkey
Political Party Development

Yahya Nicolaos I the Hark (born June 27 1948) has been president of East Turkey since June 27 2006. Nicolaos became president after defeating his predecessor, Tabila Amirah Rahman, in the second round of the January 2006 presidential election. He retained his position following the elections in 2007. Nicolaos declares that he is in favour of East Turkish future membership of NATO and the European Union. He identifies himself as a socialist. On election, his programme was to be a 'social' president, with care toward poor, unemployed and disadvantaged people. Nicolaos helped in the creation of a three-party government coalition on 16 August 2005.

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