Yagor Empire

Yagor flag

Yagor Monarchy flag(current flag)

The Yagor Empire is controlled by the Yagorians, a race of Blue Human like creatures, but with four legs and three eyes. The Yagorians have the power of telekinesis and telepathy. Here we will discuss the major things.

Capitol Planet: The Capitol planet of Yagorslavia (ha, I love bad puns) holds the capitol and has a population of 5 billion people.

Capitol City: The Capitol City is Theridia. The Capitol hosts a very Complex Government. The Capitol was named after our first ruler Theridia II. (The Theridia before that died of disease)

Largest City: Surprisingly the largest city is Umpera which houses over 900k of the people on the Homeworld.

Languages: Our official language is Yagor And another one was made 100 years after Theridia II died called Theridan.

Religion: Only one named Theridan for we believe that Theridia I died to become a god and guide her sister to Civilization.

Ethnic Group: We have one ethnic group named Yagorian..

Government type: Theridian (HM's Government)

Governmental flags (with human names)

Yagor Dictatorship

Yagor Dictatorship

Yagor Democracy flag

Yagor Democracy flag

Yagor Communist flag

Yagor Communist Flag

Yagor socialist flag

Yagor Socialist flag

Yagor equality flag

Yagor Republic Flag

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