The Al-Fateh Coup in Libya on the 1st of September 1969 is possibly one of the most important events in Arab History. For one thing, it ousted the monarchy and established another Nasserist Pan-Arab state in the Middle East and led to the 42 year reign of Mumar Al-Gaddifi. Seen as the mad dog of Libya by many, he constant attempted to form an Arab Federation, broke relations with the West and supported terrorist acts. This begs the question: What if the Coup failed? This timeline will explore consequences and the possible alternatives in a world with a Kingdom of Libya.

POD - Point of Divergence (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

On the 1st of September 1969, a group of 70 officers and enlisted men, mostly assigned to the Signal Corps of the Libyan Army, launched a coup d'état against the ultra-conservative Government of King Idris Within two hours of its declaration, the takeover was officially complete and Libya's Government officially surrendered to Gaddafi and the rest of the Free Officers Movement. With minor resistance by the Cyrenician Defense Force the forces quickly moved in to establish firm military control of Tripoli.

When informed on the revolt, King Idris immediately dismissed it as an "important petty insurrection." Despite this, however, he doesn't no hesitate in annulling his treatment in Turkey and boards the fastest flight to Tripoli. Once in the Royal Palace he is warned of tanks moving towards the palace. Idris' return however was a secret and none of the Officers predicted such a move and they would be able to storm the Palace without a problem.

Upon hearing the rebels enter, Idris orders his Royal Guard to fire. In shock the officers immediately attempt to fire back and start a small engagement in the Palace Hallway. However without sufficient arms and still recovering from the immediate shock, 30 officers are killed and 39 are injured by the event. They soon break down and attempt to flee the Palace compound. The coup was officially over.

Libyan Broadcasting Channel (LBC) - البث الليبية قناة (AAG)

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